Eligibility-All NSCA members must have their 2015 dues paid in full. NSCA membership applications will be accepted at the event. A Hunter class is available for non-NSCA participants.

Rules-All NSCA rules will be in effect for all events in this tournament. In accordance with NSCA rules, shoot management may refuse entry or cause withdrawal of any contestant who, in the eyes of shoot management, annoys, endangers or interferes in any way with the harmony of the shoot, or displays unsportsmanlike conduct. Shooters using abusive language toward any trapper, score keeper, referee or any other staff member will be removed from the competition immediately, with no refund. Shoot management reserves the right to alter or cancel any portion of this program. No one is permitted on the course until their allotted shooting time. All management decisions are FINAL.

Classification-NSCA rules will determine shooter classification. Shooters must have their NSCA cards properly filled out with up to date information. Any shooter not having 300 registered targets before July 15, 2015 will shoot penalty class (one class above their current classification) in all events. Any shooter found competing in a class lower than they rightfully should will be disqualified immediately. Any shooter discovering they have been placed in a higher class than they belong must appeal that placement prior to attempting any targets of the entire tournament, otherwise they will be required to compete in that class for the entire tournament. It is the shooters responsibility to confirm they are in the correct class. Please review your Winscore receipt!

Ammunition-New, factory ammunition must be used in all events. Ammo will be available for purchase at the clubhouse.

Residency-Entrants must reside in PA (as determined by NSCA membership) to be eligible for PSCA state trophies and NSCA state pins.

Options and Trophies<,b>-Options will be available for all events. The PSCA will be providing all trophies.

Safety-Eye and Ear protection is mandatory for everyone entering the course. Safety is everyone's responsibility. Insurance regulations require everyone entering the grounds to sign a waiver. Golf carts and ATV's may only be operated by persons with a valid drivers license. The use of horizontal gun racks is STRICTLY forbidden.